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                                                 Sculpture of the Blessed Virgin by Sister Angelica, a Sister Disciple whose

                                                 work is found in many lands, including the U.S.

What is the Holy Family Institute (HFI)?

We are made up of Catholic couples, or the widowed, living a consecrated secular life in our families and places of work. We draw inspiration from the Holy Family of Nazareth, a model, light and source of grace.The goal we set for ourselves is the sanctification of married/family life. As married couples or the widowed we welcome the gift of the vows of poverty, conjugal chastity, and obedience. We strive to give living witness to the Gospel virtues wherever we are: in the family, the work place, the parish community or in society at large.

What do we do in the HFI?

We share in the spirituality and the apostolate of the Pauline Family. We commit ourselves to accomplish our mission by way of a Catholic, evangelizing presence in the family, in the parish community or in society. We animate prayer meetings, sponsor engaged couples for marriage, and parents for baptism of their children. We help couples in difficulties, promote the Church's teaching on family life and support the defense of human life from beginning to end.

Why do we do what we do in HFI?

We do it to respond to God's call for holiness in our own lives and to join forces with His saving action in view of the family, the building block of society.

                   THE HOLY FAMILY INSTITUTE


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             The Goal (or Purpose) of the Holy Family Institute  
                              Taken from "The Logic of the Institute", CONCORD July, 2009
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